I’ve only checked BBC1, but the 6 o’clock news from last night isn’t available, nor is the 10 o’clock, nor is this morning’s crimewatch roadshow. Nor was Newsnight, last time I looked. All of these are short lifers, only one day. This has happened before, they’ve displayed it as ‘coming soon’, and it doesn’t, and it always coincides with something significant happening my end. How am I supposed to feel? As I said every day in my offline diary, to keep myself focussed on the issue, ‘stalking is the issue’. All of these are factual programmes, and anyone who implicates themselves really is implicated, and you can hardly go to Ofcom for the online material they withhold. At least, I can’t. And knowing it is deliberate . . . would this kind of thing be classified as, amomg other things, a hate crime, here in the UK? It goes beyond hate, though. This is murderously evil. This contempt for human life is criminality at its most sinister and frightening. Even if they don’t see it that way and their motives are ‘good’, if it is in relation to anything they see from me they can only get it through stalking. I would like to know who they are hiding behind their refusal to release these programmes online. I suppose the best thing to do is make a diary note of it and hope that, at some point, anyone involved in helping me legally will be able to make sure I am given access to the recordings. They know I’m dirt poor, though. All I ever seem to hear from anyone these days is ‘co-operate or die’. And the snarky attitudes! At least I can take comfort in the fact that these dreadful people (often women, it has to be said), are unmasking their hypocrisy and malice in front of millions, and not just their targets. If the nation has ANY sense left, it will eventually be bad for viewing figures. We have to break the guilt trip of believing we are bad and irresponsible if we don’t watch this metallic, letcherous contempt that passes as news presentation. At least, ordinary, innocent people do. It’s not news. Not really. They obviously couldn’t give tuppence for any of it. That’s what I think.