LIFE is about principles, Nick. Including yours. So leave everybody else alone and correct your own. Words are cheap. The buck does not stop with you. And you are still using sex and violence and dressing it up as something innocuous. Sweet little Nick. We’re all lovely people, aren’t we? Sget yourselves. You’re not getting a WEE PENNY of MY inheritance, young man! 🙂 If it’s that offensive, sue him, or get her to. Or mind your own. Sorry, did you say you are a Catholic? Does your church know and approve of this? I have a sword in my hand. it is the sword of justice. You are just a nasty, picking, blackmailing THUG and PSYCHOLOGICAL RAPIST (hole!) (I LOVE my job!) I’M not listening to you. I’ve got no time for anything you have to say. I might have, if you didn’t do what you do. Crapham. that’s what he said. I want you off the air. Every time I’ve made a relevant point you’ve ignored me, now you think you understand you want a piece of it. Name and shame me then. Go on, if you dare! The man was right, it ISm malicious. I can’t help finding it funny, but it IS malicious, and wrong. I’m going to find out if and where you go to church. I know you live in Lewisham. Blackheath, isn’t it? If I canj find out, if you have a priest, I’m going to talk to him. If you don’t, you probably shouldn’t call yourself Catholic. Then we all know what we are working with. You would just say cobblers. Hmm. The authoritative, final word???? YOU don’t have a leg to stand on, my friend. YOU’RE going down. I’m hoping so and looking forward to it. Hello, I’m Sue Barnett. How’s your friend David? The one you used to do the rowdy early morning bits with? Cruel, liar . . . ARE you a Catholic? You can position yourself as someone telling me off, but it’s just a radio act. You can’t do it anywhere else. You can’t do it in court.