A wild puppy and I are adopting each other. I made him his first meal today. Soya mince, peas, carrot, vegan gravy, bread. He loved it. Ate every last scrap, almost, in one go. I suppose the test is, will he be sick?

Then I thought, I could do this. Why should I buy him dog food, when I can make it for him myself? A vegan dog. Cool, if possible. Might need to look into vitamins or something. He tried to eat my hand after, then he gave himself a blow job. He does that a lot, but not as much as he used to. Which I am very pleased about. He’s less excitable now, and becoming much more settled and comfortable. He lies sleeping or thinking on the bed. I’m really happy with that. I’ve never had sole responsibility for a dog. Not sure what he will be like on a lead. he seems OK in the house, most of the time, as regards being house trained. So I’m wondering if he belongs to someone already. Is it cruel to domesticate a popular, free wild dog? It must be OK. The kids like him, but I’ve seen how some of the men treat them (the dogs, that is).

He’s only started blow jobbing again since he ate. Once he gets used to that he might stop again. Fingers crossed.