I’ve been listening to this music album again, by Michael Mish, after days, maybe over a week, of not.  Every time I come back to it it embarrasses me that I have been away from it for so long, because I always find in it exactly what I need.  I keep thinking maybe I’ve exhausted it, and some people don’t like me listening to it anyway.  I put it on for the dog in the first place tonight, because he was really nervy, but I’ve played it 3 or 4 times over, and it is, as always, really restorative.

I also realised that, when things get out of hand, even in the mountains, you have to create your own space and quietness.  Maybe even before things go wrong, I don’t know.  Maybe normally in a place like this you don’t need to.  I have no experience to draw on though.  This year has been my first time in this kind of environment.

I am finding that listening to this album is completely cleansing my atmosphere.  When I first started listening to it I knew I needed it every day.  Maybe I still do.

Thank you for this, Michael.  I hope you don’t mind your name being associated with me.