You can always make a joke of it, as used to be the way of handling these things, so I believe.  But if people on Strictly Come Dancing, for example, want to say something to the woman who adopts the dominatrix role (sorry, I’ve forgotten her name), why not just say it, instead of making out it is for someone else?  If they want to call her cruel, why not just say, ‘gosh, you are so cruel’, or something like that, instead of making out they’re talking about the judges?  I’m not sure I understand the point.  Is this industry competition, or a way of making a political comment, or what?

Come on, guys,  just say to Tess Daly (I’ve remembered her name), ‘right, you bitch, you’re not going to shred me, everyone can see what you are doing, and it’s disgraceful’ instead of letting her reduce you to painful awkwardness and even tears, as I have seen, because as long as you are not direct, she can play the game better than you do, because she has the whip hand?

I mean, me, here in Bulgaria, I can’t do that so easily, I have the language barrier to contend with.  But YOU don’t.  Come on, where’s your spirit and self-respect?  Strike a blow for human rights, we beg you, I and all the others who find watching this really quite unbearable.  I saw those girls, those tears were real.  That feeling of being crushed was real.  Sorry, but I really feel like stirring this.  It’s real cut throat stuff.  Is she some sort of high priestess or something?  Anyone would think so from what they see and hear.

I know she’s pretty desperate, but that is no excuse.  People don’t pay for their licence to watch a continual round of sadism.  If the BBC is going to demand the licence fee, IT NEEDS TO DO BETTER THAN THIS.