When a woman says no, it means no.  That’s what you’ve taught me.  So what do I do when men I don’t know whose language I don’t speak insist on accessing my property in spite of that?  Even if it’s to do something they think is good?

If I could I would ask them, ‘if I were your wife or daughter, and men were forcing themselves on me in spite of my having said no, how would you feel and what would you do?’

The problem is, I’m beginning to come to the conclusion that here I might not like the answer.

Even if I decide I like what they are doing, affirming their invasion of my space in this way in spite of the fact I’ve said no must be a bad foundation for a relationship?

But I think I’m being unreasonable and insulting them.  I think no one in their right mind could agree with me.

I called the police 3 times last week.  No response was received on any of those calls.

I feel as if they are forcing me back to normality and I am wrong to resist.  As soon as I decide to take hold of a thought and decide to explore it, as soon as I start to think straight, they raise their voices.

No, I’m sorry, this is grubby.  It is a filthy, indecent invasion of privacy.  I had men and youths shouting and mocking outside my house all day yesterday.  I’m a tired, ill woman on my own and I have said no.

Edit:  Now I’m not confused.  It is my landlord, and as soon as I went out he tried to lay down the law about my curtain being drawn.  He has 2 other men there, they are both shushing me and being disrespectful.  I tried to show him the contract which says he must make a proper arrangement with proper notice, and he laughed and said he doesn’t understand, so unless he is lying he can’t read.  It is in Bulgarian.  I’ve phoned the police.  If they don’t respond this time I’m contacting my embassy.  In the circumstances I don’t think they should insist on me dealing with this on my own.