Straight in there, Sunali, nice one girl!  “Good to have you with us”, with a stubborn insistence on that slight shift in the perception of reality in your posture.  Although you are more with us, and we are not with you>  You come into our homes.  As you know, this has been my argument with Premier for a long time.  We are not with you, we bring you in to us.  That is most people’s perception of things.

The little guy, of course, knew nothing about my having watched Blue Peter yesterday and seen the interview with the Harry Potter star?  And the way the dog, a look alike of my neighbour’s dog, started barking, as dogs so often do when people mess with occultism?  And the way he mimicked the way I would have had to say, “I think that is great”, rather than give myself to the expression of the emotion because it would have been too overwhelming for me?  And everyone was uncomfortable, or at least the Harry Potter star was.

I’m going to ask as if I’m going to get an answer, little fella, which I know I’m not, but why are you doing this?

I didn’t miss the fact that when the guy with the prosthetic limb came on a few weeks ago and said that a pink one would have been too false, he got right to the heart of the pretense that is being presented to children by yourselves, the really toxic and hateful mix in its criminality, and that Orei and his co-presenter both registered extreme feelings of vulnerability and feeling exposed.  Her face really fell.

And the Nintendo Wii – haha, yes, little boy, we all know what that is about, don’t we?  And DS – is that David Shearman?

If this is just a windup of epic proportions, it’s a really scummy thing to do.  But doing it you most definitely are.

Do you have kids of your own yet?  Would you like them drawn unawares into something like this against their grandparents’ generation?  I wonder if that sits as comfortably with you as this seems to.  Like, if it’s your own kids.  Or try another one.  If your grandchildren’s generation was being used to stalk you.  Sweetheart, I hope it comes.  I hope this comes back on you in later life and haunts your closing years.

WordPress is calling me a huffy girl now.  It’s the latest addition to Freshly Pressed.  I daren’t call them what I want to, they will close my blog.

You guys only care about making money and posturing as helpers to try and save your own necks.  I can’t say what I want to.  That is obviously a source of great joy and satisfaction to you, I am sure.  I’ve felt the knife being twisted on many occasions since starting this blog, hence the fact I get so desperate and upset, both on and off line.  I didn’t think I could find myself, as a really vulnerable person, being a subject of such a level of cynicism.