I haven’t been in prison yet.  I’ve been on a mental ward.  I have a theory I’d rather be in prison, but if they too insisted on treating me as mentally ill, then I’d rather have neither!

I haven’t been in prison, but you hear stories about brutality.  I think if that was sorted out, if there were different criteria for choosing prison staff, handling the issue of voting, whatever the positon, might be a lot easier?

Does it matter whether you can vote or not if the rest of your life is made miserable and you live in fear of violence and intimidation?  Is fear a teacher?  Is it a good teacher?  Should that KIND of fear be seen as a teacher?

Complete switch of train of thought here.  The Old Testament says that it should.  Without further study this poses a problem to me, because it seems to me that if we accept that position, we offer carte blanche to religious terrorism.  Not every religion accepts that there is a New Testament, and in practice we ourselves would rather have the Old.  For ourselves.

I had been thinking about that for a while before a saw Newsnight the other night, about the bishops defecting to the Catholic Church because they didn’t accept women bishops.  The woman felt the same about religion and women.