Sometimes I have to wash my ears out, not so I can hear, but to get rid of what I have heard.

We’ve been here before, they are accusing me of sexually molesting a child, and saying I’m out (see the end of the show).  Even if it were true, what they are doing and how they are doing it is completely indecent and cruel.   I know the situation they are talking about, and I don’t know how they got hold of it.  As I said in my earlier post in the week, they seem genuinely concerned, so I have assumed they are getting information officially.  Now though, I can’t believe that is true.  I don’t know who is feeding it to them.

That’s it.  No role call of names today.  If they try and push this any further I WILL role call.  I might anyway.  This has been constant through the media for years towards me.  It is grossly unfair and indecent.  And right now I don’t care how they feel about me saying so.  Bruce, Tess, and whoever else – that’s enough.  I’m warning you.  This is savage, you are doing all you can to make me feel disempowered and violent.  With this sort of thing coming at me, how else am I supposed to feel?

I think their idea might be to get my blog deleted.

PS  Guess who decides whether or not you are pushing it. 😐