Is all this something to do with Kelvin McKenzie?  I wouldn’t be surprised.  Strikes me as the sort of person who might organise something anyway, just because I suggested it.

He’s in charge of Talksport.  Tommy Boyd used to work there.

Robb Thompson said during my visit to Wales, ‘they’re going to kill her when they’ve finished with her’.  I thought he meant the people in Wales.  Then I decided it was just a way of saying they wanted me to leave.

I shouldn’t be writing this.  I’m scared.  It might mess up investigations, if any are happening.  And I might be putting myself in more immediate danger.  Whoever it is I’m sure they are well connected, and I am told there is plenty of mafia activity in Bulgaria.

Maybe they run the media here too, as in the UK!

Maybe this nutter needs to go to bed.