This is a cluster of top searches, apparently, that have led people to my blog.  I think it’s frightening.  Why would people be putting some of this in a search?

‘alan futhermucker, futhermucker backbencher, have i got news for you 9th dec, i hear outward voices, harrassing voices sometimes, tom boyd tonn and blank’

The searches themselves are a study in psychosis.  Are they TRYING to frighten me?  Yes, of course, some of them are. They must be.

I had a thought today.  I suppose I don’t get much increase in traffic, or comments, because visitors get frightened off by the people who stalk me.  I’ve seen it in close relationships, so there’s no reason to believe it doesn’t happen with my blog as well.

The nice thing about blogging, in some ways, is that no one knows who I am.  I might not be Sue Barnett.  They would look pretty paranoid trying to take action against a blogger who claims they are someone who has a mental health diagnosis without hard evidence.  But I do think it is cowardly of people, officials, who believe I am who I say I am and know they should offer help, but don’t.