I heard someone say something recently and he sounded as if he could be talking about . . . well, never mind, anyway.

I was just thinking earlier as I made do with some packet apple and cinammon pancakes because I have run out of just about everything else, if someone tries to get in on something you’re doing and finds they can’t, that you’re not open to it, and they therefore go away and say, “it’s all about you, you’re not bothered about anybody else”, guess who just did a projection job.

If I’m doing something and someone else can’t get in, it doesn’t mean it’s all about me, it just means it isn’t about them.  Does that make sense?  Because I’m doubting it myself now.  I’m thinking if it isn’t about me then anyone should be able to get in whenever they want.  But if it’s about focus and openness to something or someone other than the person who wants to get in, is that true?

I’m thinking about meditation.  People say, ‘accept what comes, accept the distractions’.  But that doesn’t mean stop and go with them or even affirm them, does it?  No, of course it doesn’t.  I’m being stupid.

I answer myself, have you noticed?  No one else does, so I might as well have the whole argument!