9.30am  Alison, ward manager, came to my bedroom to say door would be locked at 10 for 2 hours, as per the policy which has only been enforced since 1st May on the shifts where Jess has been on duty, which has just been in the last week.  Jess is acting according to the ward policy whereas the other staff do not in her absence.  The inconsistency is not helpful, it is a blanket policy which does not meet all needs and runds counter to the needs of some people.  The reasons given are so that domestics can access the rooms for cleaning, and for social inclusion and therapeutic activities.  So the policy is that twice a day we should be made effectively homeless so the domestics can enter our bedrooms without needing to engage with us like mature, responsible adults.  I’ve been 7 months homeless.  How does keeping that feeling going contribute to my mental well-being?

10.30-11am  Male SHO and female nurse wanted to use our private lounge, again, during lock out hours and when meeting rooms designated for their use were available, as they often are, if not always.  They asked us, I objected, and they went, but on his way the SHO, Dr Fahy’s, my psychiatrist, the one’s I had the meeting with earlier in the week, made a point of registering his objection saying did I want to use it at that time.  That is not the point.  It is our private lounge and our doors were locked.  A different group of professionals were in there this afternoon during the afternoon lock out.

Noon-ish  Shortly after a girl in tears was sat down in the dining room by a couple of professionals, thus violating our privacy rights if not hers (I don’t know if she wanted it or not) Alison came in wanting to talk to me in her office.  I can’t remember what led up to it, but I said no and asked what the consequences would be if I refused to do what she wanted.  I asked what iot was about and she said the bedrooms, and I said that affected all of us and we could talk in the dining room with people there.  She was very reluctant but did eventually.  I talked about homelessness and prvacy needs and inconsistency and human rights if we had to see this as home and not being institutionalised even if in an institution, I said it ran counter to my needs and she said it was something that could be accommodated if i spoke to the staff about my situation and gave the impression that she meant my door would not have to be locked.  I told her I had already done that two or three times.  At one point I said I wanted to make a written complaint and not talk anymore, but she continued to impose herself on me, even though I was calm.

Later in afternoon Dr Ali, about my age but altogether bigger and someone I didn’t know, stared me in the eyes so I didn’t look away and he continued for about a minute, until I looked away and he expressed satisfaction.  Because UI was upset about that they said I was too ill to go out, not accepting my version and not taking responsiblility, drugged me.  I got out late.