All of these are useful, but my particular concern today, 31 December 2012, is that you visit the sites on antipsychiatry and read some of the articles.  I’ve just read “Ward round – The psychiatric protection order for the “battered mental patient” by Thomas Szasz, emeritus professor of psychiatry in: British Medical Journal, Dec 2003″.  I recommend it. It is on “The Dark Side of Psychiatry”. Domestic and sexual abuse site.  How to access related material in other people’s blogs.

The Dark Side of Psychiatry –  Articles including by psychiatrists and professors of psychiatry.

The Antipsychiatry Coalition – Articles and links to other sites. – Self-explanatory

Jenelle’s Story – Girl who, after being given neuroleptic drugs to stop vomiting, developed twitches and spasms of tardive dyskinesia and was misdiagnosed mentally ill because of them, was put on more drugs, and ended up in a wheelchair.  This is a group in the UK that organises protests and tries to help people in the mental health system.  It has testimonials of psychiatric abuse, and there is a link to their Facebook group.  You can contact them via a message facility on their site.  Speak Out Against Psychiatry on Facebook. @soapgroup on Twitter. This is a Birkbeck retrospective on the book by R D Laing interviewing families of so-called schizophrenics.  There are talks to stream or download.