Created Monday 21st March 2011.

This is a list  in development of people either being innocently and unknowingly used in stalking me, or aggressively and deliberately involved.  I will say it as I see it. The whole thing is using lookalikes and soundalikes and actalikes and namealikes as occultic points of contact and entrance.

That is what I wrote when I started the page.  Updates will appear at the top of the page, under this section.

Saturday 7th January 2012

I’m getting black screens again.  They are killers.  I feel them before they happen.  I just changed all the script in my subheading line, wiped it out without saving it, and as I started writing what replaced it it happened then.  And because I think it is deliberate interference that particular one made me feel gutted.  I called it cut throat.  That is how it felt.  It hit and annihilated my felt connection with what I was writing before I had even written it.  I feel hysterical and isolated in this crowded place.  If this is stalking, I wonder how many other people here are experiencing the same thing, if anyone.  The pressure in my chest at this point feels awful.  Pain, confusion, loss of control, fear, unreality.  Woman’s voice announcing.  Pity near start, then talking about a car parked illegally at stop 17 in fairly strict-sounding tones.  Is this just me reading too much into it and being ridiculous?

Monday 15th August 2011

There is also a James Cleverley in office these days, and at primary school a boy of that name was one of the naughtiest and most violent/aggressive bullies.  Poor little thing, no doubt he had problems and he might have grown up now to be a really nice person.

Saturday 13th August 2011

David Alton  politician name a compound of a friend, David, whose address includes Alton.

Shirley Williams looks like my old school attendance officer, Mrs Hodgeson.

Justine Greening, the politician, looks exactly like a nurse on a ward called Justine who was my allocated nurse, I think, a few years ago.  I only became aware of her very shortly after that.

Andy Burnham, Labour politician, same name as my old music teacher, ex-bishop now transferred to the Roman Catholic church.

Gordon Brown, ex Prime Minister, same name as a man who was principal of my old 6th form college (where Andrew Burnham also taught) after I left.  I found out two days after the general election after which the Cameron/Clegg coalition was formed last year.  I had a teacher at junior school called Mrs Cameron.  Things happen on College Green.

Jack Straw, ‘Jack Straw’s Castle’, Thom Gunn Contemporary Poetry taught by Alan McMurtrie.

Jeffrey Archer, I had an English teacher whose name appeared on notice boards as G F Archer, in the 70s, same school which became my 6th form college.  Jeffrey Archer is with a J, but if sounds the same when spoken.

Princess Diana, same birthday as my mother, same engagement ring, but bigger and more expensive.

Here is one that seems to horrific even to mention and remain decent.  The Tottenham riots, in the 1980s.  I lived in Tottenham at the time, in the next street to where the police officer was killed.  His name was Keith Blakelock.  The riots took place after the death of a woman called Jarrett.  That was in 1985.  I started an English degree at the Polytechnic of North London in 1984.  The polytechnic was known for its left wing activities.  My father’s name was Keith.  My favourite tutor at the polytechnic, Alan McMurtrie, taught William Blake in Romantic Poetry and had pictures of his art all over his office walls.  David Jarrett was another lecturer I was taught by at the time, for American Literature and something else, and we had a lot of contact with each other, including on English department weekends away.

Thinking of left wing activities, the polytechnic was also in the news because of someone called Patrick Harrington, who was involved with right wing stuff.  I think he had to leave the polytechnic.  Then a golfer emerged called by the same name.

I can remember so many times when I noticed these things in the past, before my mental hospital admissions, and thought ‘that’s a coincidence’.  But since hospital, which started because I believed I was being stalked by Premier Christian Radio, I’ve taken them all seriously.

Jedwood, John Edwards, senior minister at New Life Christian Centre in Croydon.

My question is, ‘why me?’  Is it because I am a Christian and a lot of Christians get this?  My dad took us to church every Sunday.  Is it something that happens to Christians, or is there a specific reason it is happening to me and my family and friends and acquaintances?

Did someone orchestrate the 1985 Tottenham riots, taking advantage of the name of the woman who died, and target Keith Blakelock because of the name association?  So it would be a vendetta by some powerful and influential people.  It hardly bears thinking about.

On the whole, am I just noticing innocent coincidences that I pick out at random to make a recipe, or is something really being orchestrated?  If orchestrated, why and who by?

Toots (me) is freaked!  Not least because I’ve been saying this kind of stuff for years and people have taken my insistence on it as evidence of mental illness.  You say people on the telly and radio are talking to you and they put you away.  Now people in authority appear as if they are urgently telling/asking me to come home.  But if they don’t like the way I go about it they themselves might do a no show.  These are my fears, I do not say they are honorable.

Monday 21st March 2011.

This is a list  in development of people either being innocently and unknowingly used in stalking me, or aggressively and deliberately involved.  I will say it as I see it. The whole thing is using lookalikes and soundalikes and actalikes and namealikes as occultic points of contact and entrance.  At the moment they imitate the speech of my Bulgarian neighbours, and I think they invoke them against me for intimidation.  That is the effect anyway.  After all their violence and psycholinguisitic invasiveness and possession they start on me as soon as I put the TV or radio on, and they singsong hallelujah at me. I think UK media, when I have it on, deliberately calls them up, both by sound and as if in a seance.

Zeinab Badawi:  BBC World News.  I believe she is one of the women who is deliberately and aggressively stalking me verbally and linguisitically.  She looks and acts exactly like the black woman who was thrown out of Big Brother for her threatening speech and behaviour.  It seems obvious to me that one was modelled on the other, but I don’t know which way round.

Frank Gardner:  My uncle’s name is Frank and he is a gardener and has been all his life.

Peter Dobbie:  Named as Dobby the house elf in Harry Potter, and also he looks like David Shearman, the senior minister of Nottingham Christian Centre.  There are images and videos online and on the Christian Centre website (

(also they are using the concept of the ‘no fly zone’ and backing it up with violent and aggressive speech and actions, striking surfaces and similar things).

There were two men this morning, 21st March 2011, the two names I can remember are Duncan and Cartright, I’m not sure if they both belong to the same person or a different one to each of them. The first time they came on one of them looked exactly like Julian Assange, and there was a moment of panic and they were taken off and we were told it wasn’t possible to speak to them at that point.  The other one looked like the man who is or was in charge of the unit at The Ladywell Unit at Lewisham Hospital.  The Ladywell Unit is the psychiatric unit.  The man in charge was called Whitehead.  That is the name of my mother’s family of origin, and my uncle’s name.  There was also an administrator there and her name was double-barrelled, and included the name Barnett, which is my surname.

The woman on just now (1.19pm) just said something ‘could cost’, and she deliberately said it as if she was coughing.  Maybe I don’t have any idea of just how indecent and evil all this is, or the things driving it are.  It was focussed and targeted, and maybe the focussing and targeting are to help themselves, but it comes across to the watching and listening public, and for those of us who are also being stalked and are constantly under threat from the mental health profession and police, if they decide we go too far in our desperate responses, and won’t take us seriously when we complain . . . .   I was beginning to relax and think again, and switch off from the harassment, and that is always when they start to turn again.  It is either to enable themselves or to stop and/or control me, or a combination of the two.  That is why I’m saying maybe I don’t understand how indecent and evil it is.  I will not develop that description here, though it could be developed.

Susan Powell, weather reporter:   My name is Susan, I was on the Powell Ward, and she doesn’t look unlike the psychiatrist I had, Fiona Gaughran (*Irish!*).  I used to think her name was a compound of mine and that of the ward I was on, but recently I thought it might be a compound of the name of the Forensic CPN who was allocated to me, Susan Farmer.  Until I made that connection I had thought they were trying to help me and my family, but after that I felt they were opposing me and supporting the mental health authorities.  I suppose I was allocated a forensic nurse because two false reports were made about me by a neighbour and some housing association workmen, that I was dangerous, and had threatened my neighbour with a knife (after telling me a graphic report of this existed which he had seen, the local neighbourhood police team civilian worker said a few weeks later, when asked by his sergeant, that he hadn’t seen it after all), and had locked the workmen into my flat, when I had actually told them to leave and helped them remove their things, because they were, to my mind, unacceptably rude, andI had been told to expect them to be there for half a day.  Shortly after that it says in my nursing notes that I had been hospitalised and that the workmen were therefore able to do the work they needed to do unhindered.  I’m not sure if this was a knowing and dishonest collusion or not.  Dishonest it was, on the part of at least one party, and that wasn’t me.  The young Irish girl on BBC World News is acting and speaking aggressively and angrily.  If that is just about the story, I still say that is inappropriate reporting.  5 minutes later and I believe she has just linked me with Caroline Wyatt, saying she is updating her thoughts.  I don’t know this reporter’s name at the moment, but when I do I will add it and say I believe she is deliberately involved.  That is the woman listed above as ‘the woman on just now’.  How about that, she just said it! – Lucy Hockings or Hawkins or something.  And she followed it with something sounding like ‘pee’.  I’ve said before that that is something else they do.  I always ruin my writing when I have them on.  They do a deliberate flow of non-stop speech filled with bits here and bits there that make a grab at me – usually just as my mind is coming in to land.  They might put this down to my conscience.  I wonder what is going on in theirs.

Jonathan Head, Cairo Correspondent, 2.08 pm UK time.  Looks like Jonathan Boggan, someone I knew in the church at Tottenham and the last I knew was at Holy Trinity Brompton.  His last name, Head, is the last name of another couple I was very close to at the same church.  I babysat for them and stayed in their home when they were away.  (2nd time on after writing this, Ben Brown said ‘assassment’, I am sure, rather than ‘assessment.  3.09 pm UK time.  They are behaving like naughty, caught out and defiant thuggish children.

My neighbours are doing a real possess and control job on me, I can barely cope.  I’m hoping that saying what I know will somehow give me my life back, but their interference makes it an impossibility in my mind, and because such a depth of betrayal hass been involved in this towards me, if i can’t have it in my mind first, I can’t have it in life, because I’m not preapred to let those who have betrayed me dictate terms.

Mike Bushell (I think) – sport?  Someone who used to be one of David Shearman’s leadership team was call Mike Bussell.  Shortly after the first time I heard his name or its approximation being used on the tv, he resigned his position.

Christian Fraser – Fraser was one of the leaders at St Barnabas, and I think that Gordon Brown, who is the namesake of one of the people who was a principal at my 6th form college after I left and who I only found out about at election time last year, consciously or unconsciously named on of his sons after him.  Unless that much is pure coincidence.  it could be.  He’s Scottish.  But he is not the only top politician who is a namesake of a teacher or someone else important in my life.  Andy Burnham is another.  Andrew Burnham my old and much loved music teacher was until recently a bishop in the Church of England, but he has transferred to the Roman Catholic Church.  He was at the same school as Gordon Brown.  I have always known that Shirley Williams looks like my old school board woman (that’s what we called her, she chased me about going to school), Mrs Hodgson.  I don’t see this as an interesting coincidence anymore, because there are and have been too many of them.  There are more, too many to remember and list at the moment.  I contacted the bullying helpline with this information, by email.  I haven’t heard back from them.  It was shortly after the election last year.  David Cameron is involved with them.  One of my first primary school teachers was called Cameron.  My first grammar school teacher was called Archer (Jeffrey Archer?)  it isn’t really coincidence, is it?  I left a comment months ago on Mary honeyball’s blog before realising she was an MEP.  When I realised her I used her private message facility to send her a message asking for help.  I haven’t heard from her either.

I think Susan Powell deliberately stands there trying to speak at me out of the negatively influential people in my life.  Her posturing makes me feel sick.  I’m sure it is deliberate.

David Cameron in the House of Commons has just (3.55 pm UK) been stopped broadcasting on BBC World News, and Peter Dobbie came in, rattled off a whole list of countries (like I have on this page with people?), and rushed it all together with the name ‘Naomi’, who came on looking the exact image of Susan Farmer, who used to be my CPN, and either she or Peter Dobbie started what she said with ‘it is necessary, it is legal, and it is right’.  The suggestion seems obvious, whether it was truthful or not).

Ben Brown  I’ve been wondering what his function is.  He seems to be quite deliberate about it.  I’ve just realised he looks like Ray.

Nik Gowing (The Hub) after all his aggression, one of the main perpetrators, he has come on today playing sweet and cuddly and going softly, softly (Softly, Softly – that used to be the name of a police drama, didn’t it?  Back in the 60s or 70s.)

Robert Piggott does religious stuff on the BBC news.  In this context, ‘sounds like ‘bigot’ ‘ is obvious.