I’ve told Ofcom about this several times.  There was a programme once which featured representations of all my immediate neighbours and my flat, and I got in touch with them about that.

They said it didn’t meet their requirements, as I hadn’t been involved in the programme and neither had anyone I knew, so it didn’t qualify as a media crime, for example, stalking, harassment, slander, misrepresentation, defamation of character, et cetera.  They told me to contact the police.

I did and I can’t remember the details, but the police were not helpful.  I reported an incident involving the use of my uncle, several times, and was blocked at the front desk.  They gave me crime reference numbers but never progressed them and when I tried and asked to speak to someone past the desk I was not allowed to do so.  I tried to handle it all by phone because I found the way I was treated in the station distressing and intimidating on the grounds of previous abuses, and when I explained that to the person on the other end of the phone they became distant and offended.  I tried to explain the same thing once actually standing in a station, that I had been abused at the hands of male officers and therefore found communication difficult, and suddenly a male officer surfaced and just stared at me with a long and very impolite stare.  Just stared.  No other acknowledgment, didn’t say anything.

I was once dragged feet first out of a shop by a gang of youths who afterwards threw a glass bottle at me which fell a few feet short and smashed.  When I reported it to the police on the phone and asked for someone to attend, saying I had been assaulted, he started shouting down the phone at me and saying I hadn’t been assaulted, and if I phoned back he would charge me for wasting police time.  A similar approach was adopted towards me if I tried to get help at home, and my constant calls were cited several times in accounts of why I had been taken to hospital, where I was detained and drugged against my will.

And now they want me to go back without explicit commitments, and maybe have to deal with the police or being stopped by the police, who do not have my confidence and therefore I can be of no use to them, and they can only hurt and fail me.

I only meant to write about the Ofcom/police thing with the media.

Oh, by the way – you know those disclaimers at the ends of films and things, where it says any resemblance to anyone alive or dead is unintentional and coincidental – it’s a lie.

Edit note:  I just tried to edit this when I saw spelling mistakes and a couple of words run together.  I was still logged into my account, but I got a message saying I wans’t allowed to edit it.  I’ve never had that message before and don’t know why i got it this time or where it originated.