“That sort of person always/never . . .”.  What sort of person is ‘that’ sort of person, and how would I know?

Are they being aggressive/punitive, or are they just afraid?  Misled by what shouldn’t even be there to be seen and heard?  Be assured, we are not the first and won’t be the last!

Stop brooding and smile!  It feels better and changes your state of mind and perception.  Fighting it won’t stop it.  Just be different.  Naturally and effortlessly, not competitively.

They DON’T know everything I’m thinking and doing and every utterance is NOT a comment/criticism/challenge.

Love, don’t hate.  Accept, don’t resent.  If you fail, be kind to yourself, insist on recovery.  Don’t blame yourself.  Peace is yours.  Peace is upon you.


“BAY-bee cee 1”?  23.50 17 December 2011

They have been reacting and challenging since I started writing this, when Match of the Day was on.  It seems to be a rule that the person safe in a little room with a microphone to millions is very brave with things they have no right to be doing and saying.  Provoking and needling from a safe distance.  Or are they reporting to someone, something psychic?  I don’t know, I don’t understand.