A farewell to Arms is getting really heavy reading for me, being the female that I am.  I’ve been thinking for ages of reading some more Shakespeare.  I’ve got the complete works from the library and thought I would take Macbeth out again.  I had a paperback version which went for a walk.  I think this complete version has no footnotes (I can’t remember if my paperback version did).  It isn’t the kind of thing you can ‘curl up with’, is it, a massive complete Shakespeare?

I’ve also got a book with Marxist interpretations of Shakespeare, so I thought I might try and work my way through the plays I don’t know that it has essays on, then read the essays.  Or maybe I should read the essays first and find out if they are worth it.  If they aren’t I can read what I like.  The essays might also be a window into works I don’t know if I read them first.