I recently saw something happening with my dashboard that looked as if someone was making changes to what I had written.  I just looked back today and found some quite interesting typing erors/alterations.  Obviously I can’t catch them all, I am too prolific, but please don’t take it for granted that everything you read originated with me.  If you want to question anything please contact me through the WordPress internal message system.

If you are kind and interested enough to give my blog any time at all, I would appreciate that.


PS  Sometimes I’m wrong.  Sometimes I know, and I don’t care.  You have to smash some rocks to build a house.  This is MY house.  It is built out of a journey.  It is not all right, it is an internal and external portrayal of thoughts and feelings, sometimes unreliable as sources of information.  It’s main purpose is to show the journey. I know it is not all reliable as a statement of fact when I talk feelings and interpretation, and sometimes when I see what people are reading, especially since my psychiatrists and nurses started reading, I get embarrassed and anxious because I think they will not validate it for its intention but just use it to pick holes in me.

Edit Note 5 January 2013:  There is a lot in here which might look crazy, disorganised, etc.  It was something I wanted to be organic and therapeutic for me as well as informational.  It will continue with all of those intentions, but at the moment I am trying to move towards providing information, not just trying to be clever and self-absorbed all the time.  Hence I have included two new pages recently, ESSENTIAL LINKS, and Books.  Please make use of them.

Thank you.